CNC Engineering of Plastic Parts from Old to New

Plastic Part Old to New
CNC Engineering Polyethylene

CNC Engineering of Plastic Parts from Old to New

Partwell Group offer a complete CNC engineering service of bespoke plastic parts, there is no requirement for you to send us a CAD drawing. The featured image shows the customers old plastic wear guide sample; using this sample Partwell very easily reverse engineered and CNC machined a replacement set of wear guides.

The plastic wear guides are machined from bright green polyethylene material, the application of the featured product is a cake and dessert production conveyor system.

Partwell have a range of CNC routers for the plastic engineering of tailor made conveyor machine components.

Fast Quotations

Partwell operate a new automated quotation system for quick and flexible quoting, even on the most complex machine-time heavy production runs.

Plastic Engineering - Fast Production Turnaround

The ability to raise quotations quickly, machine plastic parts from stocked industrial sheet material and having a range of CNC machines allows fast and flexible production lead times.

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For a quotation on bespoke plastic parts please contact the CNC Engineering Office directly:

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