CNC Engineering for Schools & Playground Applications


CNC engineering of bespoke plastic parts for schools, nursery and playground applications allows the production of creative customised products.

Partwell provide CNC engineering of customised colourful plastic parts to suit customer needs, from giant jigsaw pieces to alphabet shapes, or your own design. Partwell can take your concept or design and turn it into reality.

Creative Material Choice

Finding a good plastic supplier is essential, at Partwell we aim to be just that. We have recently introduced a new triple layer plastic material that inspires creativity.

This unique triple layer laminated material is available in a wide range of colour combinations. This material lends itself perfectly to CNC engineering; our router machine will precisely and neatly engrave. We are seeing a growing trend in this being used for outdoor playground equipment by means of activity equipment sides, signs, seating, giant wall and floor toys, water and sandpit table tops etc.

Why Use Plastic?

There are a whole host of reasons why plastic is the material of choice for school and nursery playground applications. Plastic provides a hygienic, easy to maintain and durable finished product, many grades are fully FDA approved, UV and water resistant.

The featured images are example CNC engineering work within the school and play industry sector.

Contact Us

Whether you already have a clear design in mind or need a little assistance to make your idea into a reality please contact our CNC engineering office directly on 01254 295707 and we will happy to assist.

If you already have a CAD drawing (.dwg or .dxf) please email to cnc@­partwell.­com

21st May 2014, 14:45