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Here are the top four benefits to using the unrivalled CNC cutting service from Partwell.


CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and, as the name suggests, allows tools such as routers, grinders and lathes to be precisely controlled by computer, ensuring accurate cutting every time.

Partwell Group’s CNC machining head operates on five separate axes, allowing it to twist to any angle required of it. Complex components, that would normally require the manufacture of special tools to cater to non-standard angle detail, can be fabricated with ease and professional, consistent quality. To ensure precise measuring, Partwell Group also utilise material probes.


Our CNC machining technology gives a spindle speed of a massive 20,000 rpm and has a fast, effective auto-changing head. 26 separate tool stations provide maximum efficiency and CNC cutting speeds can reach up to 12m a minute based on tooling. All of these factors mean one thing - faster lead times for our customers.


When it comes to CNC cutting technology, bigger certainly is better! We can provide bed sizes of up to 3500mm x 1500mm, giving a component passage of 330mm. Whatever bespoke size your project is, we can offer the perfect solution.


Partwell Group are renowned for our extensive CNC engineering technology and a range of cutting techniques can be used to create plastic parts. Water jet cutting continues to grow in popularity and we can readily cater to this requirement - Partwell also operate a die-cutting press and lathe meaning that every bespoke need, from food plastics to conveyor parts, can be quickly and professionally fulfilled.

Bespoke plastic components from Partwell Group are found across industry, particularly in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. We offer a wide range of materials to precision CNC engineer these devices from - check out the examples of plastic parts we have created using high molecular-weight polyethylene.

Our dedicated CNC Engineering Office are standing by to take your call on 01254 295 707. Partwell Group - The CNC Cutting Specialists.
26th February 2015, 2:56