CNC Engineering Acetal Plastic Parts

CNC Engineering Acetal
Plastic Part for Plasma Machine

CNC Engineering - Quicker & Cheaper than OEM

Having the replacement plastic parts locally CNC engineered for the clients plasma machine is not only more economical and quicker than purchasing original equipment manufacture parts, there is also the advantage of being able to modify the components to suit.

Plastic Parts Design Change – Improve Machine Efficiency

A slight modification on the original design of these acetal plastic part helped speed up the plasma cutter machine set up times and therefore reduced machine down time.

Plastic Parts – Why Use Acetal?

Acetal plastic offers good dimensional stability and is very easy to CNC machine to good tolerances. Acetal also offers excellent load resistance, which is ideal for a machine component such as this plasma filler jig finger.

About Partwell

A Lancashire based manufacturing company with over 30 years’ experience in the CNC engineering of bespoke plastic parts.  The North West manufacturer produced custom made components for a vast range of industries and applications, everything from conveyor change parts to plastic signs.

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