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Chopping Boards for Crisis at Christmas

Chopping Boards Polypads Partwell
PE500 grade polyethylene HMWPE

Figures released by Crisis, the UK charity that supports the homeless, show that the average age of death for homeless people is just 44 years old. The winter months are particularly devastating for those without permanent accommodation and it is at this time of year that Crisis staff and volunteers are most needed.

Crisis was founded in 1967, as the extent of the UK's homelessness problem became evident. The charity brought together politicians, social activists and existing anti-homelessness groups to mobilise support for homeless people, as well as spearheading campaigns to put an end to homelessness for good.

Staff and volunteers at Crisis work directly with homeless people, providing vital help to enable them to escape the vicious cycle of homelessness and rebuild their lives. The charity achieves these aims in many different ways, including giving one-to-one support, legal advice and courses on a range of relevant subjects. One of the charities biggest annual events is Crisis at Christmas, which provides thousands of meals to homeless people over the festive period, as well as crucial warmth and companionship.

Crisis at Christmas, along with all of the other vital work carried out by the charity, is made possible with the dedicated support and generosity of donations from both businesses and private individuals. Last year, Partwell Group donated a number of chopping boards to Crisis, which facilitated the preparation of more than 32,000 meals. We intend to make a similar donation this year.

Find out more about our the Chrismas campaign and how you can help, visit Crisis, here.

30th October 2019, 16:10