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Chopping Boards Colour Coded


Photography of Chopping Board - Polypads Range

Chopping Board - Polypads Range

Part number: PPBL121209
Premium brand. Quality pressed, high molecular weight Polyethylene boards for high frequency usage
Photography of Chopping Boards - EconoCut Range

Chopping Boards - EconoCut Range

Part number: ECBL121812
Economy brand. Manufactured from polyethylene & injection moulded for an economical board for low to medium frequency applications
Photography of Chopping Board - Bespoke PE500 Grade

Chopping Board - Bespoke PE500 Grade

Part number: -
Any size catered for, polyethylene PE 500 grade
Photography of Polyurethane Food Board (Fish Filleting)

Polyurethane Food Board (Fish Filleting)

Part number: SP0401
High molecular weight polyurethane fish filleting surface
Photography of Apex Food Boards

Apex Food Boards

Part number: APX12M04600305
Apex is the ideal food preparation surface, already found in many high profile restaurants and hotels
Photography of Chopping Board - Marble Effect

Chopping Board - Marble Effect

Part number: PEMR121812
Premium quality PE500, durable, dishwasher safe with metal handle & gravy groove
Photography of Colour Coded Wall Chart

Colour Coded Wall Chart

Part number: HS0101