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Chopping Board - Bespoke PE500 Grade

Chopping Board - Bespoke PE500 Grade

Plastic polyethylene PE500 butchers block Partwell Group

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In addition to our range of standard stocked food surfaces such as Polypads® and Econocut™ boards, Partwell offer a bespoke food chopping board surface.  HMW PE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) 500 grade, ideal for the food industry as it is physically inert and approved for food contact, widely used for butchers blocks, food preparation surfaces and components for food processing.  Also used as a wear or abrasion resistant component on conveyors, chutes, troughs, tension bars and liners.

Being lightly ‘softer’ than UHMW, HMW it is often specified for cutting boards because it does not blunt the knives as quickly.

A complete bespoke service is available, offering a variety of colours, thicknesses and board finishes.

Stocked Colours & Thicknesses:

White, Brown, Bright Red, Yellow, Green  & Blue available in;

12mm thick      m² price £157.55

20mm thick      m² price £214.86

25mm thick      m² price £271.70


50mm thick      m² price £465.90

100mm thick    m² price £1136.09


50mm thick      m² price P.O.A

Food board finishes: machined straight edge, chamfered edge, radius edge & 45° beveled edge

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Photography of Butchers Block - Polyethylene PE500

Butchers Block - Polyethylene PE500

Bespoke plastic blocks, available with or without a stands


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