Tight Tolerances
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Tight Tolerances


We recently wrote a case Study about a local E-Cigarette Company and their requirement for a one off Bespoke Display Solution. We provided them with a CNC’d lid with intricate design for their display box which is now in full use at their premises.

They once again, required our services, to manufacture another display unit. But this time, they required 100 units to display the E-Liquids which they stock. The client supplied a picture of their own design.

The Problem

On this occasion, there wasn’t a problem as such, however, our engineers needed to ensure that the display box was manufactured to an exact tolerance as the bottles that were being displayed, had to fit snuggly into the unit.

After being supplied with a picture, the team automatically realised that there was one part that they would not be able to manufacture as it required screen printing, so we recommended a third party to support them with this.

The Solution

As mentioned above, the client was specific about the tolerances of the display unit, as they needed to ensure that the E-Liquid bottles fit exactly. Therefore, they provided us with the bottles that were going to sit within it.

Using the measurements of the bottles, our engineers were able to draw the design in CAD and transfer this to our CNC machine.

Our client required aesthetically pleasing boxes at a low price, as such, our engineers chose to machine them from Polyethylene 300 grade in black. This would result in a durable product that would have the slick look that the client required.

From start to finish, the design and manufacture of the unit took one week and the client was extremely happy with the finished product which is now on display in their shop.

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