Roweca for Land Rover outfitters MUD-UK
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Roweca for Land Rover outfitters MUD-UK

Our Engineering team like a challenge so when Land Rover Outfitters MUD-UK reached out to source a durable material with a high quality finish, the team got to work.

Having engaged with the customer to learn more about the end application – a table extension for a fold down table on the rear door of a Land Rover Defender – we reviewed our comprehensive range of materials to find one that would fit the bill.  MUD-UK had expressly set out to design a product that looked like it belonged on the new Land Rover Defender and not like a generic aftermarket bolt-on.

We settled on Roweca – an eco select paper-based material used by Partwell’s sister company Row & Sons to create hygienic food preparation surfaces for commercial catering businesses.  Robust and easy to maintain, Roweca provided an ideal and stylish solution. We contacted MUD-UK with our recommendation and despatched a made-to-measure sample for their evaluation.

MUD-UK have created products that have gone on to become standard fixtures in Land Rover Defenders worldwide. As such, they set the bar high for the raw materials used with this iconic brand.  They wanted a durable, composite material that would not only stand up to rugged outdoor activities, but would complement the Defender’s interior trim finish.  Roweca, with its non-porous, heat resistant and water resistant properties and its slate grey finish fitted the bill perfectly.

Speaking of the Roweca table extension, Kev Baldwin at MUD-UK said: “When developing our product, we knew we needed it to look right. Visual appearance and functionality were key elements. We played around with different grades of plywood at the prototype stage but deep down, we knew no matter how many layers of glossy stain we applied, it still looked like a piece of plywood.”

He continued  “I reached out to Partwell who responded within an hour of my initial enquiry.  After a brief conversation, they understood my requirements perfectly and suggested we try Roweca.  After one look at the sample, we knew this was the solution we needed.  The material had both the right level of finish and the qualities required.”

Once the customer had approved the sample, the engineering team nested and machined the Roweca board on our 3 Axis CNC machine where each individual table extension was also engraved with the customer’s logo.

The development of the Roweca table extension illustrates the innovative thinking and best practice shared across the Partwell Group.  Roweca, a material used extensively by Row & Sons (manufacturers of food cutting and food preparation surfaces) machined with the knowhow of our  engineering team combined to deliver the perfect solution.

Further details of the MUD-UK Defender Rear Door Table can be found at  For information on the Roweca product range, please visit the Partwell Group’s sister company website





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