Reducing Lead Times for Conveyor Parts
Problem Solving
Reducing Lead Times for Conveyor Parts

Reducing Lead Times for Conveyor Parts


Our client, an E-Cigarette company came to us based on a recommendation from a current client. They required a new starwheel further to a redesign of their existing E-Liquid bottle.

The Problem

Although the client had a manufacturer for their machine parts, they felt that they were unreliable due to their lead times. They previously manufactured their machine parts overseas, but had been disappointed when they were initially quoted four weeks which, in reality, turned into a ten week lead time.

The E-Cigarette company had previously worked with our team and had been extremely happy with the service that they had received from Partwell’s Engineers. They requested a quote, and as is the case 99.9% of the time, this was provided within 24 hours.

The Solution

The customer visited our site and brought the current starwheel, along with the newly designed bottle that the part would be reconfigured to fit. This part was to be placed within their current conveyor system and therefore also needed to align with their current filling nozzle.

Our specialist engineer visited their site to take precise measurement of the conveyor system, paying specific attention to the filling nozzle.

Once our engineer had collected all of the information required, it was transferred on to the CAD/CAM for design and simulation. This was to ensure that the bottle was handled correctly with little room for error.


Partwell initially quoted a 7-10 day lead time for the part to be manufactured. This was completed within 7 days.
On the agreed installation date, the components were delivered and installed by our engineers who are experts in the bottling and machining industry. Our engineers ensured that the bottle ran perfectly in all areas.

A later visit to check that the conveyor was running without any hitches revealed that the bottle were popping out due to pressure on the corner of the slots. To fix this, our engineers added a radius to the slots that hold the bottles. This has resulted in a smooth transition within the conveyor.

The client was extremely impressed with the service and Part that they received from Partwell. They advised our team that he would givea 10/10 for the part, 10/10 for the customer service from our specialist administration team and a 10/10 for how the engineers dealt with the problem at hand.

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