Polypropylene window capping for public transport
Problem Solving
Polypropylene window capping for public transport

Polypropylene window capping for public transport

Our client, an Engineering Manager of a local Bus Company, had previously dealt with Partwell. Once again, he required our engineering support during the refurbishment of their fleet of buses.

As a company that provides public transport, any parts manufactured need to stand up to the rigour of everyday use. The refurbishment included the addition of a window capping. A new part to the bus, the purpose of which was to provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Our Engineers working with your Engineers

The bus company’s Engineering Manager had brought in a metal sample as the proposed design. Our engineers would need to create a sample from a material that would be suitable. Initially, this was made from cardboard to ensure that the dimensions were correct.

Once approved by our client, our engineers would get to work on manufacturing the design from a suitable material, in this case, polypropylene.

Engineering Plastic

As the part was to be used externally on the bus, it would need to be light and tough. One of the benefits of polypropylene is its low density, making it light weight. Perfect for use in the automotive industry for aesthetic parts. It is also a material that can be easily machined and exceptionally useful for non-load bearing parts. Other benefits include;

• Chemical resistance
• Elasticity and toughness
• Fatigue resistance
• Insulation
• Transmissivity

The Solution

As the Bus company had already designed their part, the CNC engineers were required to programme and replicate their design using CAD/CAM drawing (and in this case a cardboard cut-out).

The part was successfully replicated using the 3 axis CNC machine. Once replicated, it was sent to the Bus Company for trial.
A solid, reliable part was manufactured and successfully used on the coaches providing an aesthetically pleasing look to the windows.

Not only, were the team able to supply a reliable part that was fit for purpose, but they were able to do so within the client’s budget.

If you need a bespoke plastic part, please contact cnc@partwell.com or telephone 01254 295707.

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