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Playground Equipment

A customer in the playground manufacturing industry contacted us needing educational playground panels which needed to be custom made produced quickly at a low cost.

With several educational designs in mind, the panels needed to provide longevity, as they were to be used in an outdoor setting, so they needed to be protected against weather deterioration, whilst also being attractive and appealing to children in terms of designs and colours.

We provided advice on how the design which had been originally provided could be changed to be machined at a quicker rate and we also advised the best material for the panels so we could ensure they were not only getting value for money, but also a sustainable product.

Some of our team visited the customers site and it was agreed that the panels would be produced using triple layer plastic. This type of plastic inspires innovative designs, allowing engineers to cut out creative shapes in a range of colours, which is perfect for creating school and playground equipment and signage. The three layers of laminated polyethylene sheets are produced in different colours. Whilst the outer layers are in the same colour with a textured surface finish, a contrast to the middle layer colour. These layers can then be cut and removed to reveal alternate colours.

Additionally, the high-density polyethylene grade provides excellent wear and impact resistance, durability, and UVA resistance, which was of great advantage for this customer and gave them everything they needed. From the site visit to delivery, we managed to get these engineered and delivered to the customer within 3 days. We will always work with you to produce high quality products, that are cost effective, fit for purpose, and suited to your every needed. Which is exactly what we have done in this case, the customer has managed to get the product, custom made, quickly and efficiently with input from our engineers to ensure that they have the best suited material.

We are trained to provide a face to face service, which helps you solve and problems and helps us understand any specific requirements which in turn gives you a bespoke final product which is built to last.

To speak to a member of the CNC engineering team for bespoke plastic parts telephone them directly on 01254 295707 or email a drawing or idea to

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