Dairy Manufacturer Requires New Change Parts
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Dairy Manufacturer Requires New Change Parts

Dairy Manufacturer Requires New Change Parts

As the saying goes, don’t cry over spilt milk and our recent customer, a leader in the dairy industry certainly have nothing to cry over thanks to the assistance of the Partwell Engineers. From the initial enquiry it was clear that this particular issue required urgent attention and a quick turnaround.

The Problem

The dairy had been given a new bottle design to fill for their school milk runs. The existing set of change parts were damaging many of the bottles which resulted in them having to stop the machine during production, losing critical time and potentially resulting in loss of orders.

The Solution

As with all enquiries of this nature, our specialist engineer visited the site to establish what we could do to help rectify the customer’s issues. During this site survey, our engineers, established that the existing change part set was not the ideal match for the machine. To eliminate the problems our customer was experiencing, a new set of change parts was required to compliment the new bottle.

A second site survey was important to obtain details of the machine’s settings, dimensions, CAM settings and to begin the design for the new set of change parts.

Once our engineer had collected all of the information required, it was transferred on to the CAD/CAM for design and simulation. This was to ensure that the bottle was handled correctly with little room for error.


After the initial discussions and site surveys, a date for installation was agreed. Partwell machined and assembled the components within 4 weeks.

On the agreed installation date the components were delivered and installed by our engineers who are experts in the bottling and machining industry. Our engineers ensured that the bottle ran perfectly in all areas from infeed, filler, transfer, capper and discharge ploughs and starwheels, all part and parcel of the Partwell service.

With the new change parts fitted and together with tweaking the machine, the bottle now runs more efficiently than the previous set.

The dairy owner and on site engineers have one less problem on their hands and production is back in full throw. Job well done!

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