Acetal Glove Ports
Problem Solving
Acetal Glove Ports

Acetal Glove Ports

We have worked with our client for a number of years, manufacturing glove ports for use within isolation machines. We recently received a new design of an Acetal Gloveport in the post. This was a new challenge for our engineers.

The Task

Unfortunately, our client did not have a drawing of the part, our engineers would be required to reverse engineer the glove port. The utilisation of CAD/Cam software allowed them to redraw the part.
The client required the part to be manufactured to an extremely smooth, scratch free finish, as per the part sent to us.

The Material

Acetal can be a difficult material to machine. But, it does provide a smoother finish, as per our clients requirements. Acetal Copolymer also provides the following benefits;
• Improved dimensional stability
• Chemical resistance with high pH (basic) solutions
• Lower centreline porosity

The Challenge

The difficulty with this particular part was to provide the smooth, scratch free surface. Although Acetal does provide a better finish than other products, our engineers had difficulty in providing the high standard finish our client required.

A tool change was needed. New tooling was sourced to achieve the desired finish, and with that a perfectly replicated glove port.

• Precise dimensions
• Smooth surface finish
• Tighter tolerance

About Partwell

Partwell Group have been CNC machining plastics for over 30 years, using a range of technology including 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers. As a plastic engineering specialist, Partwell CNC engineer plastic parts for all industries and applications.

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Partwell are an industrial plastic sheet stockist, having all grades of plastic sheet material in stock helps minimise lead times.

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