Case Study - Serviform Eco Plus - Making Die Making Easier


Helping to make Die Making easier

The reduction of waste in every industry is extremely important to streamline costs. Within the die making industry, the waste of steel rule is seen as sacrilege. Crosland Cutters have recently discovered how to reduce their waste after working alongside Partwell to purchase the Serviform ECO PLUS Machine.  Speaking with Simon Gilley at Crosland Cutters, we discovered what problems the company was having prior to purchasing the machine, why they chose to purchase the Serviform ECO PLUS and the challenges that they have overcome.

The Problem

Prior to purchasing the Serviform ECO PLUS, Crosland Cutters, a die making specialist, were using 3 EasyBender Machines. After 15 years of service, these machines started to show their age. No longer performing accurately, the die makers were having to take the time to hand finish the rule. The “ageing machines were a cost to keep running” and there was a need to “improve turnaround time and efficiency”.  The lack of precision from the machines during programming, resulted in incorrect measurements of rule, this contributed to steel rule waste being as high as 30% (approx.).

The Solution

Already on the market for a new machine, Crosland Cutters were open to conversations with both EasyBender and Partwell (Serviform). So, what was the clincher for Crosland Cutters? The “open lines of communication made the purchase easy”. Partwell offered backup, service, support, and most importantly, availability of parts.  Partwell are able to offer servicing through their qualified UK based Serviform Engineers.

After making the commitment to purchase a Serviform ECO PLUS, a delivery and installation date was set. Describing the delivery process as “smooth”, Simon was over the moon that the delivery was on time. Within 24 hours of the machine being installed the die makers and fitters were at ease with the machine.  The training provided by Partwell meant that the operators have had no difficulties since the installation. They have advised that the Serviform ECO PLUS is much more user friendly than their previous machine.

The Result

Crosland Cutters are proud that they now have the ability to say YES!

YES to jobs that they were previously unable to do, YES to customers when they require a 24 hour turnaround on tooling. YES to an existing marketplace that they can now work more efficiently with.

They required a more efficient turnaround time. The Serviform ECO PLUS has enabled them to turnaround a large percentage of work within the same day which they previously wouldn’t have been able to do.

Most importantly, the wastage of steel rule has dropped from 30% to 5%, meaning the potential for further investment.

When making an investment in machinery, it is important to feel that you are in safe hands, Simon felt that this was the case with Partwell and continues to be so. He is confident that “the service is there at all times” with Partwell and we can always provide “exceedingly good products”.

For further information on the Serviform range of machines, please contact 01254 671875 or email sales@­partwell.­com


1st February 2017, 12:08