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Bohler X-Tra Cutting Rule

Bohler X-Tra Cutting Rule

Bohler-X-Tra-Cutting-Rule Partwell

Bohler-X-Tra-Cutting-Rule PartwellBohler-X-Tra-Steel Rules Partwell
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New from Bohler, the ideal cutting rule for rigid substrates 

Trouble free die cutting of rigid and abrasive materials (e.g. gaskets, stiff plastics, compounds, board books, wood) demands cutting rules with very specific properties. The main requirements are wear resistance and high stability of the cutting edge, good bendability, low cutting forces and long tool life.

X-Tra cutting rule is the new innovative cutting solution from Bohler to suit rigid and abrasive materials.

Bohler X-Tra offers high edge hardness (deep HF-hardening) combined with the body hardness of Bohler Universal 40 rule for excellent stability during die cutting and improved tool life.


  • Long tool life
  • Good wear resistance
  • High edge stability


  • Harder rule body
  • Highest edge hardness
  • Deep edge hardening
  • Good stability


Body hardness: 390 HV (40 HRC)

Edge hardness: 700 HV (59 HRC)

Edge hardening: deep hardening

Thickness: 2pt and 3pt

Heights: 23.80mm (others on request)

Bevels: centre bevel (CF) and long double centre bevel (CFDB)

Bevel finish: shaved

Cutting edge angle: 42°

Application: gaskets, stiff plastics, compounds, board books, wood

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