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Bohler X-PRESS Cutting Rule

Bohler X-PRESS Cutting Rule

Bohler-X-Press-Steel Rules Partwell
Cutting Rule

Bohler-X-Press-Steel Rules Partwell
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NEW: Bohler’s innovative self-leveling cutting rule

Bohler’s new X-PRESS steel cutting rule represents a milestone in the cutting rule innovation, the patented self-leveling rule developed to reduce make-ready time in die cutting operations.

The biggest innovation is at the back of the cutting rule, the unique micro-serrated back design serves as a pre-programmed compensation zone which leads to quick self leveling of rules under pressure.  The rule back deforms, thus reducing the wear on the rule tip which helps to maintain a sharp tip for excellent cut quality and durability.

Processing on automatic rule bending machines is just the same as processing Bohler Universal cutting rule.  The body and Edge hardness of X-PRESS steel is the same as Bohler Universal.


  • Patented micro-serrated rule back
  • Pressure compensation is on the back f the rule, not on the cutting edge
  • Suitable for both solid board and corrugated board applications


  • Minimised make ready time of up to 80% and optimized die cutter productivity, more sheets per hour
  • Excellent cut quality
  • Extended life span of knives
  • X-PRESS dies are useable for re-orders without the need for further patching


Body hardness: 340 HV / 35 HRC

Edge hardness: 640 HV / 57HRC

Rule thickness options: 23.80mm, 23.60mm

Rule thickness: 0.71mm/2pt, 1.05mm/3pt

Bevel: CF, CFDB

Edge finish: shaved, polished

Edge angle: 42, 53 degrees

Available in lengths and coils

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