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Böhler Wave Edge and Deckle Edge Rules

Böhler Wave Edge and Deckle Edge Rules

LOGO böhlerstrip_4C_original 144dpi

LOGO böhlerstrip_4C_original 144dpiWave-Edge Cutting Rule Partwell


The main area of application for Wave edge rules is in the production of safety cutting edges on cardboard and corrugated board, to avoid hand injuries during manual erection of the box sections, also suitable for automatic rule processing and bending.
Deckle edge rules are used to cut post cards, greetings cards and business cards.
Brand: Böhler Top, Universal
Sizes: 2pt, 3pt
Heights:  21.30 – 25.40
Wave Spacing:  see illustration
Bevels: CF, CFDB
Pack:  Lengths


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