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Bohler Label-X Cutting Rule

Bohler Label-X Cutting Rule

Bohler-Label-X-Steel-Rule Partwell
Cutting rule

Bohler-Label-X-Steel-Rule Partwell
Cutting ruleBohler-Label-X-Steel-Rule PartwellLogo_voestalpine_EN_300dpiLOGO böhlerstrip_4C_original 144dpi


New Bohler Label-X Cutting Rule – The Perfect Steel Rule for Labels 

Trouble free die cutting of labels requires cutting rules with specific properties.  The main requirements are dimensional accuracy, sharp cutting edges and easy processing on auto-easy benders.  Label cutting also requires excellent bendability, reduced cutting force and long tool life.

Label-X steel cutting rule has been specifically developed by Bohler for optimal label processing.  It offers extreme accuracy and edge straightness, it is highly recommended for precision kiss-cutting.

The new grinding process used in the manufacturing of Label-X guarantees an extra fine cutting bevel and extremely sharp cutting edge.


  • Easy auto-processing
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Excellent bendability
  • Long tool life 


  • Harder rule body
  • High edge hardness
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Excellent straight edgeness
  • Very fine edge surface finish
  • Extra sharp cutting edge


Body hardness: 390 HV (40 HRC)

Edge hardness: 640 HV (57 HRC)

Thickness: 0.45mm, 0.50mm, 0.53mm

Heights: 7mm – 12mm

Cutting bevels: centre bevel (CF)

Bevel finish: bright, extra fine and very sharp edge

Cutting edge angle: 35°, 42°, and 53°

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