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Böhler Combination (Cut-Crease) Rules

Böhler Combination (Cut-Crease) Rules

Cut-crease steel rules Partwell

Cut-crease steel rules PartwellCut-crease-steel rule diagram Partwell
Bohler cut/crease cutting and creasing rulesLOGO böhlerstrip_4C_original 144dpi


Cut-Crease rule spares the unpleasant task of alternatively inserting individual pieces. Cut-Crease is available in Flat Creasing Part or Rounded Creasing Part.  With Flat Creasing Part rules the dimensional deviations and burrs on the creasing part are eliminated, and the surface is extremely clean and smooth.  The Rounded Creasing part avoids damaging of the board surface and leads to an unequalled quality of the stamped creasing section.  

Brand: Böhler Top
Sizes: 2pt, 3pt, 4pt
HS = height of the cutting part; HR = height of the creasing part
Spacing Partition:  a/b (cut/crease)
Bevels: CF
Pack:  Lengths

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