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Böhler TiNit Coated Rules

Böhler TiNit Coated Rules

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TiNit rule is the newest development for dust reduction and increased tool lifeThe hardness of the coating is in the range of 2400 HV, and the actual edge hardness is around 620 HV.  The Böhler TiN - coated steel rule unites high wear resistance, with good bendability and less friction. 

Hardness, bend-ability, structure, cutting geometry and dimensions are equivalent to our standard Böhler Universal.

With its defined edge hardness it is ideal for long runs, particularly high quality requirements (e.g. medicine) and coated or metallic board (e.g. cigarette boxes, perfumes).

The user benefits from the following advantages:

  • Higher efficiency and quality during the converting process
  • Increase of the cut-ability and cut-stability / higher lifetime
  • Reduced make ready time
  • Higher wear resistance of the cutting edge with same good bend-ability
  • Reduces the tendency of adhesive materials to cling to the cutting edge
  • Decrease of dust during the cutting process
  • Less fibres ("angel hair") thus better cutting quality
  • Less wear and longer service life
  • Rule life increase 50 to 200%
  • Extremely high impression requirements (e.g. tobacco and pharmaceutical industry)

Ideal for the following applications:

  • High runs
  • Particularly high quality requirements (e.g. medical)
  • Coated cardboard (e.g. cigarette boxes, perfumes)

TiNit Rule Reference Case 1:

Manufacturer of carton boxes

Material: Composite microwave board

Before: Universal Supreme; 100,000 sheets.  Suffered early blunting due to abrasive nature of the board

Tinit Rule: 750,000 sheets with clean rims

TiNit Rule Reference Case 2:

Manufacturer of corrugated packaging

Material: rec. corrugated board (various flutes)

Before: Top; 150,000 sheets.  Suffered from severe dust and swarf formation

Tinit Rule: 500,000 sheets with almost zero dust


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