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Bevels, Finishes & Profiles

Flat Bed Cutting Rule Bevels, Finishes & Profiles

Flat Bed Bevel


Centre Bevel (Double Bevel) Referred to as Bohler CF or Martin Miller A


Standard cardboard

Centre Face Double Bevel (Double Long Bevel) Referred to as Bohler CFDB or Martin Miller AA


Reduces the cutting power required when cutting hard and/or thick materials, such as glass fibre reinforced laminates, cork, rubber, jigsaw puzzles, corrugated boards, plastic, plywood etc.

Side Face (Singe Bevel) Referred to as Bohler SF or Martin Miller B


Displays & close shapes. The minimum counter bevel facilitates a right angle, straight cut.

Side Face Double Bevel ( Long Single Bevel) Referred to as Bohler SFDB or Martin Miller BB


Advantages of the CFDB when cutting thick material, with the advantage that the material being cut is left with a 90 degree cut edge and all the distortion from penetration is left on the material waste.

Flat Bed Steel Finishes


SHAVED DRAWN EDGEShaved (Drawn) Cutting Edge (S): The standard condition of Böhler cutting rules is a precision drawn, high surface quality cutting edge. The cutting rule has a smooth surface with a sharp cutting edge, which maximizes the formation of dust during application and ensures an easy penetration into the material being cut.


SHARPENED GROUND EDGESharpened (Ground) Cutting Edge (G): For efficient cutting of plastics, rubber, laminates and coated materials, a ground cutting edge has proved the best. We recommend for this application our induction hardened cutting rules (UNI, UNI 60 and UNI75) in the ground finish. The bend-ability, compared to rules with a drawn edge is slightly reduced.



POLISHED EDGEPolished Edge (P): Polished cutting rules represent a technology which combines the advantages of a shaved (drawn) and a ground (sharpened) execution. Due to the very smooth surface the following advantages can be achieved:


• Lower friction due to reduced cutting pressure during the die cutting process, causing a further decrease of dust to build up.

• Cleaner cutting faces

• Eliminates damage to the board coating

• High quality cutting performance when cutting plastics, foils, laminates…

• Improved bending properties due to the smooth surface compared to ground cutting rules

• Increased tool life


Polished cutting rule is recommended when clean cutting faces are required and when dust formation is a problem:

• Food

• Pharma

• Plastics

• HQ packaging 

The rounding at the transition of the bevel to body offers advantages during cutting to lengths and when bending on automatic process equipment. This execution is also available with polished long bevel (PL) as well as in SF and SFDB bevels.

Steel Creasing Rule Profiles


Single Round


Double Round


Wide Round Top


Wide Flat Top


Narrow Top

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