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Bespoke Plastic Parts from Engineer to Engineer

As plastic is such a useful and versatile material from which to craft bespoke parts for various machines, it is being used more and more across the spectrum of industries. The team at Partwell were recently approached by a world class pharmaceutical company, a pharmaceutical-component manufacturer which supplies finished products to countries all over the world.

Bespoke Plastic Parts Bespoke Plastic Parts Bespoke Plastic Parts Bespoke Plastic Parts
Bespoke Plastic Parts Bespoke Plastic Parts Bespoke Plastic Parts Bespoke Plastic Parts

The stated aim of the pharmaceutical company is 'to be the leading global supplier of world-class, precision-formed components to the pharmaceutical sector, in particular, those manufactured for the respiratory drug delivery market.' One of the complex machines the company uses to manufacture parts required an upgrade and Partwell's skill and experience working engineer-to-engineer meant our engineers worked with our customer’s to agree the solution.

The machine in question was originally designed to accept a single specific part: our team's task was to create a plastic part that would replace the previous metal version and allow the machine to accept multiple parts.

A mixture of water, various chemicals and small pieces of ceramic is made inside the machine: the components produced by a world class pharmaceutical company are added to this mixture which is then vigorously vibrated, causing the mixture to rise up the walls of the machine and collect onto slotted plastic. The slots had to be wide enough to allow the ceramic pieces to drop through but retain the manufactured parts so that they will leave the machine polished and ready to leave the factory.

Our team here at Partwell provided the necessary plastic parts for the machine and successfully solved the problem. Replacing old metal parts with precisely engineered plastic equivalents offers myriad benefits, from decreased overall weight, lower replacement costs and reduced fixing requirements to improved efficiency, better acoustic performance and enhanced cost-effectiveness.

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2nd March 2020, 15:43