Automating your Die Shop – New Machines

Alcor Sample Machine

Partwell understand that quality die making is a combination of different processes, CAD room, die boards, rule processing and rubbering. Demand on Die makers to deliver short lead times has never been greater and the development of automated die making equipment is making a real impact on demand bottlenecks.

UK based Partwell Group can help die makers find the equipment solutions to automate these processes and upgrade to the new state of the art machinery.

We represent the major manufacturers of die making machinery. This last year has seen the launch of a new range of machines from Diciesse Engineering, Italy. Partwell are the sole UK agent.


New Generation of Sample Making.

The new AlcorSample cuts, creases and draws. Its oscillating knife head will performs at high speed, with over 11,000 strokes per minute.  A state of the art digital camera system offers print mark detection for quicker and accurate plotting.

Available in a range of bed sizes.

Alcor Rubber

Diciesse Engineering’s ejection rubber cutting machine, Alcor Rubber is an oscillating knife system; it also has a pen holder for drawing too. This machine will cut multiple sheets at once and operates at a very low noise, with a smaller footprint than the average rubber cutting machine.

Supplied with user friendly Pack Design software. The software package includes a Rubber Calculating module for easy management of customer specific profiles and rubber colour recognition; and a Pack Rubber Nesting module that requires no user interaction.

Create Flow, Go Faster & Satisfy Customers with our Automatic Die Shop Upgrades.

  • Alcor Pertinax – Fast production speeds for pertinax counters
  • Serviform Tacto Machine – Embossing on demand
  • Cutlite Penta Lasers – Increased die board burning production capacity
  • Serviform Idea Machine – Reduce manual steel rule processing machines
  • Serviform Rotax Machine – Reduce time and costs for rotary steel rule specials
27th November 2013, 11:00