Are You Running an Old Steel Rule Bender?

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Are your current auto-processing or auto-bending machines giving you everything you need or are they holding your business back? If you are finding that your current machinery is affecting your production, struggles to support your business expansion, and is creaking at the seams or even if you are just looking to improve your production flow, then this is your chance!

Partwell are offering you the opportunity to trade in your old auto-bending or auto processing machine towards a brand new state of the art Serviform machine.


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To get a valuation from our team and get started on the road to receiving the benefits of your new machine.


Serviform Machines Available:

  • Idea - Revolutionary top of the range die making machine, it cuts, lips, bridges, broaches, bends, perfs, cut/crease and nick grinds
  • Ecologica Rule Processor & Bender- Unrivalled Speed,  Smallest Footprint Size, Economical to Run
  • Rotax – Rotary Rule processing machine
  • Unica 355 Evo E - The evolution of the most popular SERVIFORM all-in-1 bending and processing machine

View the complete Serviform die making equipment range.

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13th November 2013, 8:21