Acetal CNC Engineered Plastic Nozzle for Food Processing

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Partwell have a local client in the food processing industry, this client has a cake filling plant. The said client invited our technical sales engineers to visit their plant to identify any areas of the production plant that would benefit from our plastic part engineering service, i.e. replacing worn parts to improve performance, improving the design of current components or replacing OEM metal parts with non-rusting plastic components.

The client was using a metal nozzle for the cake filling process. The bore (filling ejecting area) of this nozzle was quite wide and non-adjustable. Partwell produced the CAD drawing file and CNC engineered an alternative component in Acetal plastic.

The objective of the site visit was to establish if Partwell could assist in saving costs and improving productivity.  The cost of the acetal nozzle was more economical than the previous component, it was also designed and machined with an adjustable bore, to enable the processors to better control the volume of filling that is ejected.

Why Acetal?

  • It is fully FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for direct contact with food stuffs.
  • The tolerance of the fitting needed to be minimal, Acetal is very easy to CNC machine to close tolerances.
  • Acetal (POM) is used in a wide variety of industries as it is an excellent general purpose wear and abrasions resistant thermoplastic material.
  • It will withstand continuous service temperatures of up to 95° C.  The plastic nozzle will not distort or warp at temperatures below this level, even with continuous production.
  • It is a relatively inexpensive material; therefore the client was able to order multiple products to carry spares in their own stores.

Unsure if you have a need for CNC engineered plastic parts?

Partwell Group are based in Lancashire, the sales team consists of engineers and are always happy to make site visits to customer sites to see how we can assist.

For all of your plastic requirements contact the Industrial Plastics division directly on 01254 295707 or email

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