Why Water Jet Cut Delicate Material?


Why Water Jet Cut Delicate Material?

If the finished or semi-finished component is to be cut from thin or delicate materials as the purity of the water will prevent any damage to the delicate material.

Felts, foams, rubbers, synthetics and gasket work would all be regarded as thin or delicate materials.

Even when tight nesting or intricate machining of the finished components is essential there will be no damage to the material.

More Good Reasons to Water Jet

  • The water jet cutting tolerances can be very precise at up to 0.1mm.
  • The set up time of the water jet cutting machine is very quick which therefore minimises production lead times.
  • The machine uses two cutting heads simultaneously for rapid production.

Cost Effective Cutting

Water jet cutting will offer cost effective smaller production runs due to the limited labour time required on machine set up and the machine cutting speeds.

Comprehensive Water Jet Cutting Service

Partwell Group offer a complete water jet cutting facility, not only can we cut with pure water to protect your delicate and thin materials; but we can also cut with abrasive added water which will enable the machine to cleanly and accurately water jet cut thicker and tougher materials.

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