Water Jet Cutting – Quick Fire Q & A’s

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Water Jet Cutting – Quick Fire Q & A’s

  1. How does water jet cutting work?

The nozzle on the water jet machine distributes 60,000 psi of high water pressured, focused and streamed water. It is very precisely aimed to cut material on the machine bed.

  1. Is water jet cutting suitable for my delicate materials?

Most definitely, if your finished or semi-finished component is to be cut from thin or delicate materials such as felts, foams and rubber gaskets water jet cutting is ideal. The purity of the water will prevent any damage to the fragile material.

  1. Is water jetting suitable for my harder materials?

Adding abrasives to the water allows cutting of much harder materials such as metals. The abrasive enables smooth edge finishes of the most intricate components.

  1. Can the water jet cutting machine handle thick materials?

Yes, up to 200mm thickness material can be cut.

  1. What is the cutting tolerance?

Tolerances are exceptionally precise at up to +/-0.1mm.

  1. How quick are contract water jet cutting services?

When compared to other engineering machines water jet cutting can offer excellent turnaround times as the machine has a quick set up process and dual cutting heads. This also means we are happy to carry out small production runs.

  1. Can you water jet cut very intricate parts and angles?

Yes, Partwell have a range of water jetting nozzles to cater for all intricate, tight shapes and angles.

  1. Which sheet materials can be water jet cut?

Steel, aluminium, rubbers, felts, foams, ceramics and plastics.

Unsure if water jet cutting is suitable for your bespoke requirements?

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13th May 2014, 9:33