Water Jet Cutting for Playgrounds

Water Jet Cut Hopskotch

A client approached Partwell with a requirement for converting a specialist material into shapes and numbers for a playground application.

The client felt quite strongly about using the specialist material as it was perfect for the playground environment – colourful, decorative,  flexible, non-toxic, UV resistant, environmentally friendly and easy to clean and durable.  Therefore they needed a suitable cutting solution to convert the sheet material into a range of numbers and shapes.

The material is very thin and quite fragile therefore lends itself perfectly to water jet cutting. It is the high water pressure of the machines that make the cutting of thin and soft materials fast with exceptionally clean edges.

Low Cost Cutting Services

The client was surprised at the low cost cutting service, this was enabled by the customer supplying their own material, exceptionally fast programing of the machine and the two machine heads that cut simultaneously for low production time and therefore low production cost.

Design and Drawing Assistance

The engineering sales office offers a wealth of experience in cutting of bespoke parts and components, this combined with various machine capabilities means we can help the client’s designs come true in the playground very easily. In addition to the water jet machine, the Lancashire based engineering factory also operates a state of the art 5axis CNC router, lathe, fabricating, press machines.

Speak to an Engineer Directly

For a quotation on any of our machining services please contact the technical sales engineers directly on 01254 295707 or email cnc@­partwell.­com for a fast quotation.

If you have a CAD drawing (.dwg or .dxf) then great, if not, do not worry – Partwell Group can assist you with that too.

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2nd August 2014, 11:37