Water Jet Cutting - Abrasive or Pure?

Water Jet Cutting Services

Partwell Group recently invested in a new twin headed water jet cutting machine.

The difference between abrasive water jetting and pure water jet cutting is whether or not additives have been added to the water that is being pressure streamed from the water nozzle.

Pure water jet cutting is using pure water; pure water is suitable for more delicate and thin materials such as foam and felts.  The purity of the water prevents any damage to the final components, even on intricate machining.

The term abrasive water jet cutting refers to adding abrasives to the water which helps to cut hard or thick materials with a high quality edge finish. Abrasive water jetting is ideal for steels and aluminium.

Need a Part Quickly?

Contact the Partwell Group engineering office, we offer a very flexible service, in particular we can machine jobs quickly.

There are many features of the waterjet cutting machine that facilitate a quick turnaround on orders. The machine set up and file processing is exceptionally quick; the dual cutting heads on the machine that cut simultaneously. Waterjet cutting provides exceptionally clean edge finishes, which can remove the need for secondary production operations.

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31st March 2014, 8:52