Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Plastic Sheet Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Partwell


Partwell Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene sheet plastic (UHMWPE) 1000 grade is the toughest of the polyolefines, it offers extraordinary wear and particularly abrasion properties (ten times faster than carbon steel), combined with good low temperature impact strength, elongation, tensile strength and low coefficient friction.   

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene PE1000 grade is an excellent material choice for use in high wear applications and is available with many additional additives as well as colours.  Such additives include lubricants, UV stabilisers, glass beading and anti static compounds.

Typical applications of PE1000: wear strips, liners to chutes and conveyor belts, aggregate handling, food processing, bottling plants and pharmaceuticals.

Partwell Group are a specialist plastic stockist, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is readily available in black and natural. Other colours are available upon request.

Supplied as full PE1000 Polyethylene sheets or plastic parts precision engineered to your specifications from our Lancashire based CNC Engineering factory.

For a detailed consultation on the most appropriate plastic material for your application, you can speak directly with one of our engineers, or why not have one visit you?

Feel free to contact our engineers direct on +44 (0) 1254 295707 or complete the form below for a quotation or to arrange a no-obligation visit from one our mobile sales engineers.

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