PC Twin Walled Polyc­ar­bonate

PC Twin Walled Polycarbonate

Plastic Sheet Twin Walled Polycarbonate Sheeting Partwell


Partwell Twin walled PC polycarbonate plastic sheet is lightweight, highly flexible, self-supporting material i.e. does not require extensive structural support. 

Polycarbonate offers high impact strength over a wide temperature range, much greater than that of glass or acrylic and gives excellent thermal insulating values. 

Partwell Group's twin walled polycarbonate (PC) is a weather resistant material with a class 1 fire rating (BS 476 pt 7 compliance).

Partwell are a plastic sheet stockist, Polycarbonate twin walled sheet is available as:

  • UV resistant grades
  • Specialist grades suitable for food contact
  • Indoor grade
  • Outdoor suitable grades

Common Applications:

PC is often the material of choice for easy do-it-yourself projects like window replacements, shower enclosures, greenhouses, partitions, light covers, patio covers, carports, windbreaks and greenhouse coverings where good thermal insulation is required.

Please note minimum order quantities usually apply.

For a detailed consultation, you can speak directly with one of our engineers, or why not have a Partwell Plastic Specialist engineer visit your site.

Call our engineers direct on +44 (0) 1254 295707 or cnc@partwell.com.

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