Trax Plus Creasing Matrix

Trax Plus Creasing Matrix

Trax Plus Creasing Matrix Partwell

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The Channel Trax Plus is the worlds most advanced creasing matrix system, combining pressboard with modern materials, Trax is upto 3 times more durable than similar matrices. Convenient, accurate, extremely durable and suitable for fragile or recycled board, the Channel Trax Plus is the ultimate choice in advanced matrix systems.

The Channel Trax Plus Features;

  • Accurate locator – ensures perfect registration every time reducing error and waste.
  • Low profile chamfer – the low profile chamfer allows board to flow freely over the matrix, significantly reducing board marking as a result.
  • Finger lift adhesive – the adhesive backing paper can be quickly and easily removed, increasing workflow speed
  • High tolerance – extremely accurate channel depth and width.
  • This advanced trax system not only removes cleanly from the plate after use it will not move about during machine run, saving you time and money.
  • The Channel Trax Plus includes a full range of sizes available to suit all board types including fragile or recycled board, internal chamfers, for low quality boards and off-centres for close creasing.
  • High quality pressboard construction, this trax matrix can be cut and chamfered easily and quickly.
  • The channel trax is extremely durable, and therefore lasts longer and therefore increasing your production speed and saving you money.
  • This revolutionary product was originally produced under patent numbers 807,251 and 909331, exclusively produced by Channel and available to you through the Partwell Group.


** Online exclusive offer: Order 5 or more boxes of Channel creasing matrix and shipping is free of charge within the UK mainland.  This offer includes XTC, Micro XTC, Trax, Original and Reverse Bend.**


For the full detailed size list and guidance on choosing the correct Rule Height with Steel Base please click on the PDF logo's above.

Packed Dimensions & Weight: 760mm x 80mm x 40mm 1kg

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