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Research and Development Plastic Parts with Partwell from Start to Finish

R&D and prototyping with plastic parts and components improves the success of development time by correcting issues during the early stages of product development and preventing costly mistakes.

Our team of CNC engineers and plastic specialists will assist you with the quick development of ideas and products - converting CAD drawings to plastic parts for a conceptual model.

We offer assistance regarding material and manufacturing to ensure a smooth transition from concept to completion from our North West machine shop, which has the latest CNC 5 axis technology as well as 3 axis CNC machinery, lathes, die press cutting machines and oscillating knive cutting machines etc.

As a plastic specialist and sheet plastic stockist we will manufacture your concept in the most appropriate material to suit your requirements for functionality, appearance and budget.

Example Industries

We have experience in the manufacture of bespoke parts for a vast range of industries, some examples are listed below:

  • Chemical Industry – many plastic grades have excellent chemical resistant properties
  • Conveyor & Material Handling Industries – example plastic components include plastic star wheels, wear plates, conveyor straights, conveyor tracks and machine guards etc
  • Filtration Industry – example plastic components include filter plates, wear plates, bridge plates, rollers, chutes, bearings, guides and many other bespoke plastic parts.
  • Food Processing, Bakery & Beverage Industries – food approved plastics mean we can manufacture food-safe bespoke machine parts for processing plants, moulds are a common part we manufacture for food industries. We also supply bespoke machined food boards and food display units.
  • General Engineering – example CNC machined plastic parts include gears, bushes, bearings, guides, pullers, racks, rollers and wear plates etc

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Photography of PTFE Glove Ports

PTFE Glove Ports

Bespoke plastic parts for glovebox systems