PTFE Glove Ports

PTFE Glove Ports

Partwell Group CNC engineered plastic parts


Partwell Group CNC engineer bespoke plastic parts, including PTFE glove ports for glove box systems.

Glove ports are attached to glove box systems for the attachment of personal protection gloves; our engineers can work with the box system manufacturers for high volume production or end users looking to replace one or multiple glove ports.

We can also CNC machine glove adaptors and backing rings for secure fixing.

Why manufacture from PTFE (Polyetheretherketone) material?

Glove box systems are most commonly used as a research tool in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and nuclear industries, PTFE plastic parts are almost chemically inert and has exceptionally high dielectric properties.

PTFE plastic glove ports will maintain a unique level of stability over a large temperature range (-250°C to +250°C), depending on the environment of the glove box application, this can be an important factor.

The above features make PTFE the ideal choice for many other valve, seal and washer products, usually where mechanical strength is not an important factor.

We can CNC machine plastic glove ports from a sample (Partwell can produce the necessary CAD files) or a CAD drawing  if you have one (.dwf and .dwg are preferred).

Industrial Plastic Sheet Stockist

Partwell Group CNC engineer bespoke plastic components from stocked plastic sheets, we have a vast range of machining capabilities and material grades in stock, whatever your plastic part requirements contact our specialist sales engineers on:

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