Press Machine - Swing Arm Cutting Press

Press Machine - Swing Arm Cutting Press

Swing Arm Press Machine 2

Part number: PG1265


With our new range of brand new Swing Arm Cutting Press Machines, we can offer you an up to date, fully guaranteed machine with after sales support at an affordable price.

This Swing Arm Press Machine is available with a 20 ton cutting force and 900 x 430mm bed size or a 27 ton cutting force with a 1000 x 500mm bed.  Further technical information on both press models is detailed below. 


Suited for cutting material in sheet form, Swing Arm Press cutting means the head swings away to allow full view of materials and automatic end of stroke allows tools of varying heights to be used without adjustment.   

Both models of this Swing Arm Press machine are safe and simple to operate with the operator having only to place the material on the bed of the press, position the cutting tool on the material and press the twin, operating buttons. The beam descends under hydraulic power to cut the required cut shape from single or multiple layers of material. 

To assure maximum access and visibility, the swing arm can be easily moved (or swung) to one side by the operator in order to gather cut pieces and re-position the tool for the next cut. 

Standard machines operate from a 3phase power supply.


  • Safe, two-hand twin button operation.  Both operating buttons must be pressed simultaneously for the stroke to be activated.
  • Fast, quiet, easy to operate
  • Quiet, vibration free operation
  • Low friction swing beam (arm)
  • Use all standard tool types – strip steel, wood forme, forged steel
  • Double acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Supplied with of our quality press cutting boards, hydraulic oil and operating manual
  • Single phase motor optional 

Range of Application

  • Both models of the machine are ideal for products manufactured in soft or semi rigid materials including:
  • Electronic components – flexible PCB’s touch pads, button covers, legend plates
  • Filters for machinery, breathing apparatus and the medical industry
  • Footwear components – shoes, insoles, insole socks, uppers, straps
  • Gaskets, seals, washers in plastic, cork, rubber, paper, felt, sponge, PTFE, graphite and more
  • Insulation materials
  • Leather & leather-goods – shoe uppers, wallets, purses, belts
  • Medical products – filters, dressings, foot care products, orthopedic footwear
  • Packaging – foam, inserts, card, promotional products, blister packs
  • Paper, card – stationery, novelties, filters, labels
  • Plastic cards – promotional, business, badges, labels
  • Plastics – PVC binders, lampshades, stationery products, gifts, novelties, gaskets
  • Rubber – gaskets, seals, washers
  • Textiles – sample swatches and pattern books, underwear and outerwear components, hats, ties, carpet and flooring 
  • Toys – soft toys, advertising novelties, mini jig-saw puzzles and more  

Technical Information


Model 01

Model 03

Cutting Force

20 tons

27 tons

Bed Size

900mm x 430mm

1000mm x 500mm

Arm Width



Maximum Stroke



Motor Power



Maximum Daylight



Minimum Daylight




Overall Dimensions


900mm width x 935mm depth x 1300mm height


1200mm width x 1000mm depth x 1370mm height


570kg approx

900kg approx

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