Press Cutting Plastic Parts

Press-cutIt's not a well known fact that many plastics of 3mm or less can be press cut.

Why is that important? Well, avoiding laser, water jet and CNC routing, press cutting allows a low cost solution to producing shaped plastics.

You can sub-contract your press cutting needs to Partwell and we will carry the work out for you.

For a detailed consultation and quotation on your press cutting requirements, you can speak directly with one of our engineers, or why not have one visit you?  01254 295707 or

Example polycarbonate & PETG press cut plastic parts:

Photography of Press Cut Plastic Parts Polycarbonate

Press Cut Plastic Parts Polyc­ar­bonate

Black flexible polyc­ar­bonate hinge 250 micron thick
Photography of Press Cut Plastic Parts: PETG

Press Cut Plastic Parts: PETG

PETG plastic hinge that has been press cut, drilled & fabricated to a 90 degree angle.