Press Cut Plastic Parts: PETG

Press Cut Plastic Parts: PETG



Partwell press cut plastic parts, this is a PETG 2.5mm bespoke plastic hinge. The PETG has been press cut, then drilled and fabricated to a 90 degree angle.

Even though PETG is a tough and stiff sheet plastic material it can still be press cut and fabricated.

PETG is an ideal plastic sheet material for machining into bespoke plastic parts for medical devices and pharmaceutical industries as it can be sterilised using ethylene oxide and gamma radiation.

Why not subcontract your plastic press cutting requirements to Partwell on a long term or one-off basis. Contact us on 01245 671875 or email

Not only do Partwell have a production plant with die cutting presses, but we also offer:

  • New and refurbished die cutting presses for sale
  • Service and repairs for your cutting presses
  • Replacement cutting pads/boards
  • Cutting pad/board re-surfacing service

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