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Partwell Group CNC engineer bespoke plastic parts for the food industry, most commonly to suit food processing machines for a wide range of applications.

The images above illustrate a pair of hygienic plastic adjustable polyethylene machine guides, bearing housing parts and a blue guide rail.

All of the above have been machined from, high molecular weight polyethylene HMW PE 500 grade.  Polyethylene plastic sheet is most commonly machined into bespoke plastic components as it is fully FDA approved for contact with food stuffs.

 It also offers the following features and benefits.

  • Good for wearing parts - PE500 grade offers good wear and abrasion resistance, therefore is ideal for wearing parts such as guides, conveyor track, change parts where there will be contact with food.
  • Hygienic plastic – plastic is easy to clean, it does not absorb moisture, therefore will not harbour bacteria.
  • Easy to CNC engineer – it is very easy to machine polyethylene to high tolerances on our router and lathe machines.
  • Colour range for colour coding production areas - In addition to the colours white and blue, as shown in the images above, this material is also available in green, yellow, brown and red.

Other example engineered plastic components for food contact include conveyor change parts for food related conveyor systems, liners for food processing machine containers, custom made food chopping boards and butchers blocks, industrial sized food scrapers for the bakery industry.

For a quotation on any bespoke CNC engineered hygienic plastic components please feel free to telephone our sales engineers directly on 01254 295707 or email your drawings to cnc@partwell.com


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