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Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate sheet is a rigid transparent material that exhibits extremely high impact strength over a wide temperature range. All grades are weather resistant, but only some are UV resistant. It possess good fire properties and is a good thermal insulator. Impact strength, transparency the maintenance of physical properties over a large temperature range makes Polycarbonate sheet so desirable.


Polycarbonate sheet is mainly used as a safety, security and vandal resistant glazing sheet. Its impact resistance makes it the ideal choice for POP applications. Being so easy to cut, machine and shape, many people choose this material for architectural barrel vaulted roofing. Also as it can be cold bent to a radius of 150 x thickness of the material. The fire resistant grads available are suitable for aircraft seating and interior cladding in transport.

Just a few more of the applications are:

  • Machine guards
  • Safety glazing
  • Meter covers
  • Face plates
  • Telephone finger wheels
  • Electrical connector

Partwell Group are plastic sheet stockist, holding a variety of different grades for all kinds of applications. They can be supplied in sheet format, rod or bespoke machined components.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our CNC sales engineers directly on 01254 295707.

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