Plastic Star Wheels

Plastic Star Wheels

Plastic Star Wheel


Bespoke Plastic Parts – Star Wheels for the Conveyor and Materials Handling Industry

Partwell CNC machine plastic star wheels and plastic gears from plastic sheet stocks.  This example star wheel has been machined from Acetal POM.

Acetal is an engineering plastic:

  • Low friction making it ideal for star wheels and gears on conveyor lines
  • The dimensional stability of Acetal POM will provide a durable product
  • Suitable for contact with food stuffs, therefore ideal for canning and bottling conveyor
  • Easy to machine to tight tolerances

Star wheels and gears can also be produced from high molecular weight polyethylene PE500 grade, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene PE1000 grade and nylon.  All are available in various colours to suit your colour coding scheme.

For a quotation call our CNC office direct on 01254 295707 or email your requirements to We can read .dwg and .dxf files.

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Photography of Acetal POM Plastic Sheet

Acetal POM Plastic Sheet

POM Acetal. Typical applications include racks, cogs, bearing plates & star wheels


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