Plastic Part Nylon 6

Plastic Part Nylon 6

Plastic-Parts Nylon Partwell Group

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Partwell Group CNC engineer bespoke plastic parts from plastic sheet.  The featured image is an example of a plastic star part machined from cast nylon 6 material.

Cast Nylon 6 is a hard material, harder than extruded nylon 6 and very easy to machine to excellent tolerances. It is offers a low co-efficient of friction therefore perfect for moving, wearing and sliding plastic components. This grade has the best impact strength, therefore most suitable for substantial impact loads when compared to all other grades of nylon such as extruded 6, 66 and 12.

Nylon 66 is even easier to machine that cast 6.  66 will provide better mechanical strength and higher temperature performance.

Need advice on the most appropriate material for your application? Then call our Plastic Engineering Technical Sales Office on 01254 295707.

Partwell Group are a plastic sheet and rod stockist, and engineers of tailor made plastic parts.

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