Pharma­ce­uti­cal & Medical Devices Plastic Parts

Plastic Parts for Medical Partwell Group

Partwell Group can supply a range of plastic sheet material or bespoke engineered plastic parts suitable for pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  Plastics that are suitably chemical resistant for cleaning and sterilisation, strong and lightweight for implantable devices used in orthopedics, specialist post mortem boards and other medical sectors.

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Photography of Post Mortem Boards

Post Mortem Boards

A unique non cellular anti-microbial rubber compound material exclusive to Partwell. Self-healing surface that does not harbour smells or bacteria
Photography of PEEK High performance plastics sheet

PEEK High performance plastics sheet

Applications include valves, washers, seals, processing plant in chemical production & electrical insulation
Photography of Polycarbonate Sheet & Parts

Polyc­ar­bo­nate Sheet & Parts

Typical appli­cati­ons: Automotive door & window hardwar, machine guards and electrical resistant parts
Photography of Fabricated & Bent Plastic Parts

Fabricated & Bent Plastic Parts

Bespoke machined plastic parts service includes fabricating/­bending of plastics
Photography of PTFE Glove Ports

PTFE Glove Ports

Bespoke plastic parts for glovebox systems
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Polysulphone PSU Plastic Sheet

Thermothorming material, typical applications include medical parts, phar­ma­ce­utical parts, sterilising trays, respirators etc