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Nylon Sheet Plastic & Plastic Parts

Plastic Sheet Nylon Partwell

Plastic Sheet Nylon PartwellPlastic Sheet Machined Nylon Partwell


General Applications of Nylon Plastic Sheet and Partwell Engineered Nylon Plastic Parts

  • Low co-efficient of friction therefore nylon is suitable for sliding and slipping plastic parts.
  • Tough material typically used in heavy duty environments such as agricultural, construction, machinery. 
  • Low temperature impact strength and good wear resistance.

Extruded Nylon 6

Tough and resilient

Great for loading applications at low temperatures and reducing vibration

It will absorb the highest amount of moisture in comparison to other nylon grades.

Cast Nylon 6

Tough and resilient, it offers the best impact resistance out of the range of nylons.

Similar to extruded 6 but cast nylon 6 is harder and therefore easier to machine into bespoke plastic components.

Cast Nylon 6 offers good wear resistance.

Most suitable for large impact load applications

Nylon 66

Nylon 66 offers improved mechanical properties and improved high temperature performance. It is even easier to CNC engineer than Cast 6.

The most rigid of the grades, ideal for bushes, slide bearings, seal rings and gears etc

Nylon 12

Nylon 12 is less stiff than other nylons but offers the highest chemical resistance properties and low water absorption. Nylon 6 will provide good impact strength at low temperatures.  

Its low water absorbing properties make it ideal for electrical applications.

Partwell supply all nylon grades as sheet, rod or plastic parts precision engineered to your specifications.

For a quotation on plastic sheets, rod or plastic components call 01254 671875 or complete the contact request form below.

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