Mechanical Handling Conveyor Plastic Parts

Mechanical Handling Conveyor Plastic Parts

Plastic Parts Conveyor Partwell Group
PE1000 grade polyethylene


Mechanical Handling Conveyor Plastic Parts

Partwell Group CNC engineer bespoke plastic parts for mechanical conveyor handling systems.

This modular conveyor track component has been machined from black ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene PE1000 grade (UHMW PE) material.  PE1000 grade material is a high quality plastic providing outstanding resistance to wear, long service life to minimise down time, a smooth surface finish, stain resistance and easy to clean components.

Polyethylene is available in a range of colours should a colour coding system be required.

Other example CNC engineered plastic components for mechanical handling production plants include wear plates, star wheels, tracks, chain parts and other sacrificial parts. 

Components can also be machined from other high quality plastics including Acetal, PE500 grade polyethylene and nylon.

Partwell are a plastic sheet stockist, which keeps lead times for machined plastic parts to a minimum.

For plastic sheet or semi finished plastic components call our Plastics Department on 01254 295707 or email

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