Machined Plastic Sprockets

Machined Plastic Sprockets

acetol sprocket

acetol sprocketMachined-Plastic-SprocketsSprockets2blue polyethylene sprocket


Partwell Group CNC machine bespoke plastic sprockets, gears and wheels according to customer requirements from a range of materials including acetal, polyethylene and nylon.


Conveyor lines (beverage, bottling, canning, food etc), onveyor change parts, conveying rollers, modular belts, packaging machines, food processing machines.

Bespoke Machined Plastic Sprockets

Partwell Group have a range of CNC routers for producing 3D plastic components completely to customer specification – any size, bore, tapers etc.

Material Choices

As an industrial plastic stockist, machined plastic sprockets can be engineered from acetal, polyethylene and nylon grades.

Partwell engineers will recommend the optimum material, taking into account the industry type and application, essential features, machining needs and budget.

Partwell are an industrial plastic sheet stockist, which minimises lead times.

Contact Us

For a quotation on any bespoke plastic parts please contact the CNC engineering department directly on 01254 295707 or email your drawings to

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