Machined Plastic Play-Tec

Machined Plastic Play-Tec

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Play-Tec is a complete water-repellent plastic sheet material, used for two colour signs and a range of applications in the toy and leisure equipment manufacture industry.


  • Unlike wood signs, there is no chipping and no risk of injury from splinters.
  • Physiologically safe.
  • Dirt repellent plastic material.
  • UV and water resistant therefore perfect for outdoor use.
  • Excellent mechanical strength and rigidity.
  • Easy to machine into bespoke plastic parts and signs.
  • Available in a range of colour combinations, aesthetically pleasing with no painting or glazing required.


  • Extruded plastic sheet.
  • CNC Machined plastic parts.
  • Colours - Yellow, red, green, black, grey, blue, monochrome or multi-coloured.


  • Signs and display equipment
  • Toy and leisure equipment
  • Nursery and school furnishings
  • Spa and swimming pool equipment
  • Any other environment that would need a colourful, outdoor friendly design element

For a quotation of PlayTec plastic sheet or bespoke machined plastic contact our CNC engineering department direct on 01254 295707 or email


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