Laminated Plastic Signs

Laminated Plastic Signs

Laminated Polypropylene BIN IT Sign Partwell Group Plastic Parts

Laminated Polypropylene BIN IT Sign Partwell Group Plastic PartsPolypropylene Washroom Signs Partwell Group Plastic Parts for Sign Making


Partwell Group offer a comprehensive sign making plastic service.  These Bin It and Washroom signs have been machined from laminated polypropylene material; two pieces of polypropylene in different colours are laminated together and the sign design is routered out on one sheet using our CNC router machine.

Laminated polypropylene can also be machined into shadow graph boards for production areas.

Partwell are a sheet plastic stockist, therefore material can be supplied in full sheet format or machined into the finished sign. Partwell can produce signs in large and small batch production runs.

This material is available in a range of colours including black, white, red, yellow, green and blue.

Other products supplied for sign making applications include PMMA acrylic plastic sheet, print grade polypropylene, PETG plastic components and finished corporate signs.

For a quotation please email the Plastic and Machining office direct via with your requirements or call 01254 671875.

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