Flexi Crease

Flexi Crease

Rubber_ Flexicrease

Rubber_ FlexicreaseRubber_ FlexicreaseDiagram
Part number: MX0013
£30.90 inc. VAT


Whether Flexi-Crease is used on flat bed or rotary die-cut operations it will aid creasing without damage to the corrugated board. Optimum height is 1mm below creasing rule, can either be glued or stapled to the die.

Hardness: 60, Shore A

Reel quantity: 25mtrs

Height: height colour coded (see strip below) 
4.5mm Brown
5.0mm Red
5.7mm Grey
6.5mm Yellow
7.0mm Green
7.5mm Gold
8.0mm Blue
8.5mm Purple
9.0mm Orange
9.5mm White
10.0mm Pink
10.7mm Clear
11.0mm Beige
Length: 600mm


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