Cutting Punches

We offer a full range of standard steel cutting punches and fancy shapes for use in die making.  Every punch tube is manufactured from high quality carbon tool, are black/blue coloured, hardened and tempered.
Photography of Spring Locators

Spring Locators

Part number: -
For locating materials before cutting them
Photography of Label Punches

Label Punches

Part number: PM1151
Ideal for ‘kiss cutting’ material
Photography of Rotary Serrated Punches

Rotary Serrated Punches

Part number: -
For cutting corrugated materials
Photography of Compounds


Part number: -
Solid double punches
Photography of Rule Joiners

Rule Joiners

Part number: PI1154
Full and half available
Photography of Stepped Punches

Stepped Punches

Part number: -
Used where a clean parallel cut is required for an odd size cut
Photography of Rubber Mould Cutting Punch

Rubber Mould Cutting Punch

Part number: -
For cutting the shape from a sheet of rubber moulded components
Photography of Cross Punches

Cross Punches

Part number: PI1191
Used to put a cross on to the material
Photography of Notched Punches

Notched Punches

Part number: -
The cutting edge is notched so that the material stays in a sheet to be pressed out
Photography of Bowl Hanging Slots (Euro)

Bowl Hanging Slots (Euro)

Part number: -
For hanging point of display goods and blister packs etc
Photography of Forged Slots

Forged Slots

Part number: -
Hand forged on an oval type base
Photography of Milled Slots

Milled Slots

Part number: -
Machine milled on rectangular or square shanks, ideal where high tolerance positioning is required